Here is just a small portion of testimonials that are from Top Producing Agents and Clients

G Brandon Crawford

President – American Society for Training and Development

  • “If you have Danielle Gregorich on your side, you can rest assured your objectives will be met with the zeal and determination of a Lioness protecting her cubs. She has earned her distinguished reputation in the Valley of the Sun with her “get it done now” mentality. She has been instrumental in building several very successful Real Estate offices and has also served as a Real Estate Consultant to several start up firms.”

Dusan Djukich

Best Selling Author – Straightline Leadership

  • “I am frequently asked who I would endorse as a great  marketing professional. For me there is only one. Danielle Gregorich is so far beyond what passes for a “marketing professional” that it’s unbelievable. Danielle won’t just build your business. She will rock your world. Your business will never be the same. She is far beyond a marketing genius. Danielle simply has the ability to make businesses grow. She pumps life into everything she does.  I am in awe of her relentless dedication and commitment to her clients. I know of no one who comes close to Danielle’s amazing talent. If it’s still not clear what I think about DG contact me.”

Chris Walker

Technology Manager – Keller Williams Realty

  • “Danielle is a very detailed oriented person and she leaves nothing to chance. She is always on top of her business, and never misses a beat. Danielle supported a large group of Realtors at KW and helped them grow their business from a small fix and flip operation to one of the highest producing teams in the office. I would definitely recommend Danielle for all of your Real Estate Management needs.”

Jonathan Burgess

CEO – Code 3 Realty

  • “Danielle is in a whole league of her own! She is truly one of a kind and such a rare talent to run into these days! I really believe that when you look up the words customer service, loyalty, and dedication in the Websters dictionary it should have her picture, if only she would move out to California I would have her run my business any day! ”

Nate Green

CEO – Blue Roof Realty

  • “I credit much of my success by surrounding myself with outstanding talent. Danielle Gregorich was my executive assistant and she helped my business grow tremendously. She is by far the most capable and talented professionals I have ever run across, she kept me sane and our clients absolutely loved her.”

Evan Carr

REO Director – Realty One Group

  • “I was so proud to have had Danielle on my team as a client relations and database management guru!  She has extensive knowledge in converting leads directly to appointments, and has an incredible natural talent with everything she does. She was able to nourish relationships with potential clients, set the appointment, and the deal was closed. Her marketing capabilities and ability to convert web leads using her skills is incredible”

Derek Zieder

Technology Manager – Russ Lyons Sotheby’s

  • “Danielle worked in a professional manner throughout the transactions we were handling. Her communication was always timely, and I could always rely on her to complete any tasks that I requested. I would recommend her highly.”

Randy Roberts

Luxury Home Expert – Professional Action Real Estate

  • “Danielle Gregorich provided me with an excellent opportunity for my future growth within the Real Estate industry.  I was so proud to be a part of her high energy Team and she truly brought the best out of me. She had a tremendous impact in ensuring my success and growth. Her enthusiasm and true genuine honesty is infectious!  I would recommend her to anyone and it was a joy working with her. Danielle really is an incredible wealth of information and an absolute gem!”

Troy McAvan

Engineering Project Leader – General Dynamics C4 Systems

  • I just had to send both you and Melissa Carpenter a person email expressing my sincere gratitude to you and Danielle! You truly performed a phenomenally great job during our transaction. Danielle went above and beyond to ensure I worked with the right agent and she couldn’t have chosen and better fit for my needs by introducing me to Melissa Carpenter. You both looked out for my best interests when my brain wasn’t necessarily focused.  You both have my highest respect and I would provide anyone with a recommendation to work with both of you. The moment I hear of anyone that is in need of your abilities I will be singing your praises from here to Sunday. I can’t thank you two enough and thanks again for making my home buying experience a pleasant one. This is the third house I have purchased and you both were hands down the most professional team I have ever worked with. Thank you so much again!

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