Schedule Consultation

Danielle Gregorich Real Estate Management Miracle Worker

What will your initial consultation consist of?

  • Prior to any initial consultation, I do extensive research about you personally and how your business is currently being marketed, branded, exposed, and the tools you are currently implementing. I am brutally honest and thorough (ask my husband) I prepare a detailed outline list of items that need to be addressed.
  • Before either of us makes any sort of commitment we need to determine if our personality types are a good match. Without initially creating trust and rapport with each other it is a recipe for disaster. I often email my personality profile DISC test that pretty much spells out exactly who I am and how I operate. (It is freakishly accurate) If you are not familiar with the DISC assessment test, I strongly suggest taking it. Please feel free to check out my DISC profile tab to read my assessment.
  • If I make a commitment to build your business and help you grow, I stay loyal and diligent to my promise. (I have been told more than once that I am loyal to a fault and that I wear my heart on my sleeve) If we are a good fit you can guarantee that I have a vested interest in ensuring you succeed. My reputation and personal pride are on the line!

What does this Personalized Business Start-Up Fee include?

  • I personally sit down with you and coach you on how to utilize your database effectively. Clients/Friends/Vendors/Leads/Past Clients, etc must have personalized effective marketing. This is so incredibly important particularly in the current Real Estate Market. I personally will only use Wise Agent when working with clients. I have NO affiliation and receive ZERO referral fee from them. (I SHOULD!) I have used a million and one CRM programs and Wise Agent is in my opinion the best. The owner of the company Brandon Wise is an incredible man and is lives in Fountain Hills but always goes out of his way to sit down and meet with my clients. I made it onto the VIP list!
  • Once we have properly scrubbed and categorized your database together in an excel spreadsheet. I will personally upload and enter your contacts into your new Contact Management/Transaction Management/Marketing Management Program. (ALL IN ONE PLACE) Feel free to do a little happy dance while thinking about that actually being possible! I personally provide an in-depth training session with you/your team. I will schedule an additional one-on-one training with the owner Brandon Wise if you have any additional questions after our initial training.
  • After the training session I will provide you with a customized manual that is specific to your team with processes and procedures for each member. We will consult on any processes and procedures you currently have in place for lead generation, lead follow up, lead accountability, lead tracking etc.
  • We will do an in-depth consultation on what processes and procedure will work best for you. Once we have consulted and agreed upon the terms to be implemented I will provide you with a detailed manual for the processes and procedures of lead management.

There are many other items that we consult on should we decide to move forward.



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