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Take A Leap Of Faith

With so much distrust in the world and in business, sometimes you have to rely on the words of a great American leader who faced harder times leading people than any of the little things we have done. Most of our problems in business and in life are truly small! Stay Bold, Stay True, Be You!

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


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Another DG R.E.M Testimonial!

Word’s can’t express how truly humbled I am for the support and praise I continue to receive for just being little ‘Ol Me! I am blown away when people take time out of their day to write such sweet things about me. I would like to Thank the Arizona Real Estate community from the bottom of my heart for continuing to believe in me!

G Brandon Crawford

President – American Society for Training and Development

  • “If you have Danielle Gregorich on your side, you can rest assured your objectives will be met with the zeal and determination of a Lioness protecting her cubs. She has earned her distinguished reputation in the Valley of the Sun with her “get it done now” mentality. She has been instrumental in building several very successful Real Estate offices and has also served as a Real Estate Consultant to several start up firms.”

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DG R.E.M | Blow Them All Away!

Listen to people when they tell you how amazing you are! Embrace compliments and know that you are the only thing stopping you!

Blow them all away!

DG R.E.M. Blow Them All Away

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Be Slow to hire and quick to fire. You can’t train talent or work ethic.

True Talent vs. Someone “Good”

You can’t train someone to have a solid work ethic

It is like the X Factor: Don’t hire those that don’t have TALENT!

Here is the difference between hiring True Talent and someone who is “Good”

  • True Talent pushes to get answers.
  • Someone “Good” has to be pushed to want answers.
  • True Talent shares your goals and fulfills your needs as a natural byproduct of fulfilling their own.
  • Someone “Good” doesn’t fulfill your needs and ends up giving you back pieces of its job.
  • True Talent knows what it wants or is actively searching to know.
  • Someone “Good” doesn’t know what it wants and isn’t searching.
  • True Talent pushes you constantly.
  • Someone “Good” requires you to push it.
  • True Talent is continually raising the bar and wants to be associated with talent.
  • Someone “Good” may not know where the existing bar is set or even what bar you’re talking about.
  • True Talent usually focuses their talk on the language of challenge and achievement.
  • Someone “Good” talks about anything and when they try to emulate the talk of talent, it is just rhetoric.

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Knowledge and who you know in Real Estate is the real key to success!

Here is a great article on the overall realization that renting homes is “becoming less affordable” in honest terms renting a home rather than buying is a stupid I mean unintelligent decision!

Renting homes is not only becoming more expensive but trying to locate a rental is even harder. I’m not in the mortgage industry but I do know for certain that rates are ridiculously low and owning a home is a much wiser and less expensive decision for your future. To those who complain about the expenses of maintaining a home I have two words for you! HOME WARRANTY.

To those who are using a Real Estate Agent that appear to have received their license out of a cracker jack box and are not a seasoned intellectual professional. (We all know the type) Please feel free to shoot me a message and I will provide you with a list of agents that I personally know and trust! The same goes for using a mortgage lender who guarantees to promise you the moon and stars before they even pull your freaking credit report and do an in depth consultation with you. Again….. (We all know the type) I know the best in the business and would be more than willing to give you my honest opinion. DUH!

The same goes with choosing a Home Warranty company! I will give you my honest opinion about who is the best and who is ummm not so great. Let’s not forget the importance of choosing a title company and escrow officer who actually has a brain!

Be careful out there friends when you decide to purchase a home.

You can always ask me any questions and we all know I will give you an honest answer!

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Never Sacrifice Who You Are

It is my hope that as a business professional as an ADULT you know that the power to select who you work with, does not contrary to popular belief rest solely in the hands of the first person who contacts you. This is probably the most important lesson that I have learned throughout my 7 years of managing top producing real estate teams. This concept applies to all aspects in my life not just business related. If you are not providing me with a positive give and take relationship, I don’t see a reason to continue with it.

During my 7 years as a client relations marketing manager many of my business relationships have turned into some of my dear closest friends. I am the first person to offer advice and lend a helping hand. Recently I have noticed that my caring and open personality is not being admired but rather taken advantage of.  I always have a Win-Win mindset and have a vested interest in ensuring anyone that I help along the way thrives. My personal reputation and pride are on line if I don’t help someone exceed their personal and business goals then I am the failure.

I made a promise to myself when I decided to start DG R.E.M that I would only work directly with people that I not only like but that I consider friends. Obviously not everyone is going to love me and I am more than okay with that! Just don’t plan on working with me if you feel that way. My number one rule is I won’t work with people who aren’t serious, motivated, and above all loyal. If I make a commitment to build your business and help you grow, you can guarantee that I will stay loyal and diligent to my promise.

I have been told more than once that I am loyal to a fault and that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am not certain if this is a horrible trait that I need to work on or not. Regardless of what people think, I don’t really care because it is who I am and I don’t plan on changing my caring ways. If we are a good fit you can guarantee that I will stick with you until the very end. However, if you think that I am this young dumb blonde that you can easily use and manipulate strictly for your success you are sadly mistaken.

I will never feel comfortable addressing anyone I am working directly with as a “client”|”customer”|”consumer”|”user”|”guest”|”lead”    Or whatever impersonal description you choose to describe your business relationships. The bottom line for me is that everyone is an actual REAL HUMAN BEING WITH FEELINGS! Everyone has their own families, friends, obligations, and their own issues and struggles they may be dealing with at the time. We all encounter our good days and our bad days! (Sure some may have more issues than most)

I guess this blog post is mainly to let everyone know that I plan on staying true to who I am. Everyone lives their life how they feel fit and I only wish the best for everyone. I don’t hold grudges and get over things tremendously fast!

That is the rest of my random rant for the night! Thank you tremendously to all of those who care for the person I am solely because they care about me and not what type of information or connections I can provide you with.

You all know who you are! THANK YOU!

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