“Title Fame Whores War”

30 Day Real Estate Business Challenge


You must promise to not judge me for the following: Brutal honesty, Poor grammar, Possible jabs towards incompetent Real Estate Agents who should stick to their day jobs, or my pathetic jokes that I only find humorous.


Question 1-30:  What is the biggest change you’ve seen in the real estate industry in the last two years?

I think the biggest change that I have seen in the real estate industry within the past two years would have to be the industry’s sudden shift from focusing on creating a successful real estate business, to focusing on what I like to refer to as the “Title Fame Whores War” (*Disclosure* “Title Fame Whores War” is just some random phrase I made up. None of you would actually be willing to whore your way to the top of the Google charts)

Am I the only one whose  inbox is flooded daily with From: “_____ _____ Expert” Insert two trending #hashtags into the blanks (“Social Media Expert”, “Short Sale Expert”, “Video Blogging Expert”, “Webinar Listing Expert”, “Hamburger Helper Expert” (Kidding about the Hamburger Helper Expert, I have already trademarked that one)

Don’t get me wrong, I love that the real estate industry is finally embracing technology. I just have an issue with all of the flippin’ TITLES! Helping people buy a home is not a battle of who can fit the most crap on a card! How many damn designations do you need?! ABCDE-YOUR-CLIENT-DOESN’T-GIVE-A-F! How about actually calling back that Short Sale Seller who is overly worried about their home and just wants a simple answer from you to help them sleep at night! The compassion in real estate seems to have disappeared.

Attending all of those free classes is not going to make you more successful or an expert. I have never in my life witnessed so many people spend so much time obtaining knowledge and using none of it. The  real estate industry needs to get back to the basics and start helping people buy and sell houses and for God’s Sake ANSWER YOUR FREAKING PHONES AND RETURN PHONE CALLS! Decide if you want to make real estate your career or if you want to become a Title Fame Whore!

Anyone who is in my inner circle whether past or present shares the same compassion for our clients that I do. I will never label myself an “Expert” because I believe that means you have stopped learning. I refuse to ever stop learning and growing. Welp, that is my random first 30 day rant of the day. I have no idea why that topic came to mind, but might as well roll with it.


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