Be Slow to hire and quick to fire. You can’t train talent or work ethic.

True Talent vs. Someone “Good”

You can’t train someone to have a solid work ethic

It is like the X Factor: Don’t hire those that don’t have TALENT!

Here is the difference between hiring True Talent and someone who is “Good”

  • True Talent pushes to get answers.
  • Someone “Good” has to be pushed to want answers.
  • True Talent shares your goals and fulfills your needs as a natural byproduct of fulfilling their own.
  • Someone “Good” doesn’t fulfill your needs and ends up giving you back pieces of its job.
  • True Talent knows what it wants or is actively searching to know.
  • Someone “Good” doesn’t know what it wants and isn’t searching.
  • True Talent pushes you constantly.
  • Someone “Good” requires you to push it.
  • True Talent is continually raising the bar and wants to be associated with talent.
  • Someone “Good” may not know where the existing bar is set or even what bar you’re talking about.
  • True Talent usually focuses their talk on the language of challenge and achievement.
  • Someone “Good” talks about anything and when they try to emulate the talk of talent, it is just rhetoric.

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