Knowledge and who you know in Real Estate is the real key to success!

Here is a great article on the overall realization that renting homes is “becoming less affordable” in honest terms renting a home rather than buying is a stupid I mean unintelligent decision!

Renting homes is not only becoming more expensive but trying to locate a rental is even harder. I’m not in the mortgage industry but I do know for certain that rates are ridiculously low and owning a home is a much wiser and less expensive decision for your future. To those who complain about the expenses of maintaining a home I have two words for you! HOME WARRANTY.

To those who are using a Real Estate Agent that appear to have received their license out of a cracker jack box and are not a seasoned intellectual professional. (We all know the type) Please feel free to shoot me a message and I will provide you with a list of agents that I personally know and trust! The same goes for using a mortgage lender who guarantees to promise you the moon and stars before they even pull your freaking credit report and do an in depth consultation with you. Again….. (We all know the type) I know the best in the business and would be more than willing to give you my honest opinion. DUH!

The same goes with choosing a Home Warranty company! I will give you my honest opinion about who is the best and who is ummm not so great. Let’s not forget the importance of choosing a title company and escrow officer who actually has a brain!

Be careful out there friends when you decide to purchase a home.

You can always ask me any questions and we all know I will give you an honest answer!


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